A Reference For My Fellow Iowans

I thankfully came across this blog about a year ago. Ever since then, I keep coming back. Whether it be for some great recipes, a workout idea, or for advice on places to travel, this girl knows her stuff.

It’s so awesome that I have it as a tab on the top of my browser so it’s just one click away!

I am talking about Kristin Porter. Her blog is entitled “Iowa Girl Eats” and that is truly what it’s all about. She is like any other person in the Midwest who loves to eat! Sounds a lot like me.

She breaks her blog up into three parts – Eat Well, Run Often and Travel Far.

My personal Favorite- Eat Well.

Kristin does a phenomenal job of connecting her recipes to stories. It creates a relationship with her readers, and, for me, influences me to actually try the recipes.

When I read any random recipe online I sometimes feel like it is too advanced for me, or that the ingredients are not an everyday thing I can get at the store. Because Kristin is from Des Moines, I know that what she can’t find at the grocery store I can. I also love her voice. She is so relaxed and down-to-earth. It makes it seem like it doesn’t matter where I live, I can eat something fancy that is usually only served in the “big cities”.

The most recent post that exhibits this type of writing is “Spicy Sausage Pasta Skillet” where she begins her recipe talking about her weekend.

Kristin’s workout tab really caters to runners who need progressive training. Personally I am not a runner, but according to this article by KGAN-TV, Kristin’s blog is having a positive impact on the health of her readers.

Finally, the travel aspect of her blog – great for someone who lives in the Midwest, wants to travel on a budget, and not go overseas. Although there are some foreign travel writings, her main travels stay within the American borders to places like Minneapolis, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York.

I hope you take some time to look at Kristin Porter’s “Iowa Girl Eats” and fall in love with her numerous recipes for all appetites, love of travel, and stabilization of health.