Brianna Sudrla here. Just an ordinary college student who is on a budget, likes eating healthy, and loves meat.

I hope to research the way animals (chickens, cows, and hogs mainly) are treated before and after being killed for us to consume. I believe that people can still be healthy without having to go vegan or vegetarian. Meat is important to our lives, and it tastes good.

Recently, there is a lot of speculation about steroids being given to the animals to make them grow larger, and at an unappealing pace. There is also talk of artificial hormones and antibiotics being given. That’s scary stuff, but it is something we have the power to control.

Focusing in the Iowa City area, I will talk with local dietitians to get their perspective on eating healthy, and still consuming meat. I will discuss different recipes with well-known bloggers in the state of Iowa, and also explore farms in the area that grass-feed their livestock, and humanely kill their animals for customers. There are local restaurants in the downtown area that buy their meat from such farmers. I will interview the restaurant owners, and get their take on all of the talk of unsafe meat spreading like wildfire, and ask them why they chose to have their restaurants only carry the meat they do.

Weekly recipes, always including meat, will be posted to help make your life a little easier.

Being a carnivore is fun, enjoy!


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