Hello my fellow meat eating food lovers!

I welcome you to Creative Carnivores.

This site can be your stop for weekly recipes including meat, some healthy hints for better eating and at a lower cost, as well as, the inside scoop on what meat is good, and what meat is not so much.

I am a college student at the University of Iowa who wants to start to learn how to cook. I have searched for numerous recipes online for healthy eating, but it always seems like they are vegetarian or vegan recipes.

I don’t feel like I am completely full until I have eaten meat, it’s just not something I want to give up. I do agree that some meat we consume is terrible for our bodies. Like my roommates, who love eating Tyson frozen chicken patties. When you cook them in the microwave they blow up like a marshmallow. YUCK!

I do not believe that cows should be fed corn, and chickens should be given steroids to help them grow bigger faster.

There are farms around this area (Iowa City) that only feed their animals grass. They do not cage up their chickens for mass production. Farms that allow you to pick out what meat you want, and give you exactly that- meat. No hormones, no steroids, just good old cow, pig, chicken, lamb, even buffalo!

What you can expect from my blog are some local hotspots for healthy eating, I will be interviewing chefs and owners of restaurants that serve all natural meat. I will hopefully be in contact with Kristin from “Iowa Girl Eats”- one of my favorite blogs! And I can supply you with some east recipes you can whip up.




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